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Basic Check Up’s


A general practitioner (GP) is your family doctor. Family doctors pledged their lives to support patients using their medical skills. General practitioners help manage your health and diseases, advise you on how to prevent illnesses, medically support you in overcoming lifelong health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and mental health problems. Some may even perform minor surgical operations on you.

Your family doctor’s health care does not begin and end in assessing and treating your disease. He or she stands as your advocate and support to ensure that you receive the optimum and the most appropriate health and social care needed for your situation. Furthermore, your GP serves as a link that bridges you to greater health care services while working closely with other healthcare colleagues in developing the best heath care management option fitted for your medical condition.

The core GP services offered by family doctors include:

  • GP consultation
  • Basic diabetes management
  • Basic asthma control
  • Basic chronic obstructive airway disease management
  • Basic heart disease management

Others may also offer additional services such as:

  • Contraceptive services
  • Cervical cytology screening
  • Immunizations and vaccinations
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Child health surveillance

Most family doctors work with a team of health care professionals. This team may include nurse practitioners, practice nurses, physician assistants, receptionists, and clerical staff. Midwives, physiotherapists, pharmacists, occupational therapists, and other allied health care professionals may also be a part of the team. The availability of staff and services may vary between practices.

What makes Gregory Jenkins MD  different from other GP services?

Gregory Jenkins MD is a warm and friendly family practice clinic that offers excellent health care to patients in Santa Clarita, California. The entire staff aims to give superior customer service and quality medical care by using their skills and providing personalized care fitted to their patients’ individual needs. Aside from traditional family practice services, The Doctor’s Office also offers:

  • Computerized, digitalized x-rays
  • ECG testing
  • School sports physicals
  • Well woman exams, such as pap testing

Local business and schools may also choose Gregory Jenkins MD to give their employees medical services, such as:

  • Work-related injury treatments
  • Pre-employment examination

Having a health check-up at Gregory Jenkins MD is very convenient because you don’t need an appointment prior to your check-up just to see a doctor – you can just walk into the clinic and register to see a doctor any day you want.


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